Each project begins with a deep dive into your business. Then, with a bit of trust, you hand the project over and let yourself feel fully supported as I work through my M.A.G.I.C. method. Your assets are then delivered in easy-to-use formats, and we have a recorded website handover call so that you feel empowered to make small changes as you grow.

M.A.G.I.C. method

your experience

I love a bold, playful design (obvious, right?), but the fun thing about practicing client-aligned design is that I can easily tap into the energy of your style, no matter how different from my own. That being said, there are a few constants in my work: I love a clean, timeless design. I lean towards font-based logos with a lot of balance. I love a supportive graphic. And clarity always wins over creativity.

my design style

Design is my trade and optimistic encouragement is my gift. I'm able to see your internal power, innate gifts, and huge potential. My greatest joy is being able to integrate my design knowledge with my intuitive support skills in order to give you beautiful, functional design that beams with authenticity.

my secret sauce

As a (serial) entrepreneur myself, I know the grind. I know the passion, time and resources that go into being a business owner. And I know that trusting a design partner to represent your brand is a big deal. Below you'll find a bit of information about how I work. As you read through this page, tap into your gut! It knows if we'd be a good fit :)

Hi, I'm Rochelle and I see you.


An Integrative Approach

What to Expect:

Next Level Branding

Clean, Clear Design

While each project is catered to the client - there are some things you can always expect from my work.

Each brand is built with a mix of skill and intuition - perfectly marrying the physical and energetic elements of design - strategy, authenticity, SEO, brand trends, your customers needs, psychology, etc.

While artistry is important, it should never get in the way of clearly communicating with your potential client. We're introducing them into a chapter of their own hero's journey, not an escape room ;)

Logos, colors, and graphics aren't the only things that make up a brand. Your messaging is a huge part of it! Nailing down clear, consistent messaging is a large part of the branding process.

“Rochelle helped us design and build a website for our nonprofit. She is so creative, extremely tech savvy, and did an outstanding job making our vision come to life. Rochelle made our website very user-friendly, too. We are so happy with how our website turned out and are so grateful for Rochelle’s help! If you are looking to build a website, Rochelle is definitely your girl!” 

Amanda S.


True Love

Let's Work Together

It's presentation time and we get to celebrate!! We will have a call to go over your beautiful new branding and/or website. While it may be love at first sight, this is also an opportunity to see if anything needs to be tweaked before delivery.



Throughout the process I will be integrating intuition, best design practices, market trends, your business goals, sales strategy, and your customers needs to ensure a well-rounded, relevant, and timeless outcome.





Once I’m tapped into the energy of your business I begin brainstorming. Inspiration is collected, sketches are made, and messaging is mapped out. I may send a moodboard with my favorites to make sure we're on the same page!



First, I spend some time meditating on your project. I tap into your purpose and potential, and set the intention that my design will be created for the greatest good of all - you, your customers, and anyone else that interacts with it.



I select the very best from the brainstorm and begin expanding on it. I spend lots of time here, generating your new design - digitizing the logos, creating the supporting graphics, perfecting the color story, choosing font pairings, designing web layouts, and drafting copy.

The MAGIC Design Method