Rochelle Serna

Hi, I’m Rochelle. I’m a wife, mother of two, and serial entrepreneur.

I’ve done everything from selling origami stars on Etsy to doula work to running wellness blogs, making and selling t-shirts, and founding Wild & Pure

I love diving deep into a topic, dreaming without limits, and taking action to bring those dreams to reality. I also love supporting others to do the same. 

Through my ventures, I’ve always taken a do-it-yourself approach. I’ve built (and rebuilt) countless websites for myself and others. I’ve taken business courses, read up on marketing, and tested and tried it all. Now, I’m bringing together my love of supporting others, passion for entrepreneurship, and graphic and website design skills to help you follow your dreams and bring in the dough.

My Secret Sauce

Function First

While it’s not as fun to talk about, the functionality of design is quite possibly  the most important piece! Each project is first focused on user experience, clear messaging, user interaction, and optimization. Because, results are kinda important 😉

Feeling Creative

Let the creative juices flow! My design style is emotion-based, timeless, and tends to live on the minimalistic side. I want customers to *feel* your brand at first sight, and to be gently guided to focus on the most important parts through bold simplicity. 

A Little Extra Magic

I take each project to heart, and it’s my intention that everything I deliver has been made to create a win-win-win, for you, your customers, and your business. I lean into intuition, meditation, and that universal magic to help bring each project to life.